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I am Nikola Angelkovski, 24 years old, I come from Skopje and I am currently working as an Associate Cloud Engineer at RLDatix. I am a big fan of all types of sports activities, and I mostly play basketball, football and billiards. My current hobbies are playing the guitar and reading technical literature to enrich my technical knowledge.

The desire to be a DevOps engineer came quite by accident when I saw an internship advertisement for DevOps engineers, and as time went by and I got deeper into the world of DevOps, I realized that I had made the right choice and that DevOps is what I want to do.

I believe that one of the key skills a DevOps engineer should possess is effective communication. We have constant communication with the entire team, and we need to know how to convey the right information to arrive at the right solution, thereby meeting the needs of the teams we work with. As a matter of practice, we should always pay particular attention to the readability of the code, the efficient use of the resources we work with, and maintaining security at the highest level.

Terraform is one of the most used tools for managing infrastructure as code (Infrastructure as Code – IaC) and using it shortens the process of manual creation and management of resources, and in addition offers better visibility over everything we create, as well as configurations

One latest growing trend in the industry is making use of opportunities of artificial intelligence to work faster and more efficiently. Although this trend is still growing and developing, I still believe that the future will be based on even greater automation of processes, and thus greater facilitation of our work, but with bigger challenges in terms of monitoring the security and stability of that automation.

Do not be afraid to ask questions about everything that interests you, always look for additional resources for learning and practice, and always be open to changes and innovations, because the DevOps world is becoming more dynamic and extensive every day, and with that becomes evident the requirement for constant upgrading and supplementing the knowledge of DevOps engineers, as well as the need for agile work in fast-growing environments.

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