naslovna slika za marketing strategija za DIA
In the dynamic world of digital marketing, practical experience speaks louder than theoretical knowledge. Considering this, the Digital Marketing Academy at Qinshift Academy connected their students with the innovative startup in the healthcare technology industry – DIA. DIA is a startup that works on innovations in diabetes management, offering a comprehensive platform for understanding, handling and better living to its users. The collaboration started with a meeting where the students were introduced with the basic values, the mission, and the technological solutions of DIA. The overall understanding of the structure of one company is a key to successful collaboration. Through real projects, students conduct comprehensive market research in order to identify the key problems and needs of the potential user base. After the research, with the accumulated data, they create a complete marketing strategy that covers the company’s operations. As part of this marketing strategy, students under the mentorship of Igor Dimkovski, Marina Domazetovska, Tatjana Loparski, Tea Duza, Nenad Sibinovikj, Marija Janeska, and Angela Mitrinovska had the task of inserting all the elements that are a key part of it. Тие изработија SEO анализа, препораки за подобрување, Дигитален ПР со предлози за ПР соопштенија, интервјуа и настани, изработија landing pages за промоција, lead gen и имеил стратегија, стратегија за промоција на социјални медиуми, органска и платена контент стратегија, предлагајќи серија едукативни написи, инфографици и видеа за демистификација на дијабетесот и поттикнување на проактивно управување преку ДИА. They understood the power of informed content and its ability to build trust and authority in the digital health space. The most exciting part of this collaboration was the final presentation. Each team presented their marketing strategy on a panel consisting of mentors from Qinshift and representatives from DIA. Here is what the students shared about this experience: “Creating marketing strategy for DIA was an exceptional experience, a process that required understanding the market, our clients and the competition. The research and analysis were crucial for every decision we made. This way of working, in a team, under pressure, and on a real project is very important in the learning and education process, because throughout the entire process, we were building upon and supplementing our knowledge. That gave us an excellent opportunity to apply all the knowledge acquired from the Academy.” This collaboration between Digital Marketing Academy at Qinshift Academy and DIA was more than an ordinary project. he students not only gained invaluable business experience but also contributed to a cause that touches millions of lifes. The success of this partnership is proof for the power of collaboration between informal education and the industry.
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