voveden del na prezentacijata na devsecops nastan
A panel discussion, live, on the topic of DevSecOps. Two panelists and fifty IT professionals filled the air with jargon we could only guess what it meant. We’ve heard of biceps, devops, secops, devsecops, and obsecsecdevops, terms that we’re sure play a role in the everyday life of a professional in the field.

The panelists were Tony Todorov (Technical Lead at Qinshift and coordinator of DevOps Qinshift Academy) and Filip Kirovski (Cloud Platform Product Manager – Open GI). The event covered topics covering the basics of DevSecOps, which is taught at Qinshift Academy, the role of a software security professional, and the tools and processes used.

A demo was created and can be viewed at the following link: https://dev.azure.com/fkirovski0774/eShopOnWeb/_git/eShopOnWeb.git As always the Q&A session was super fun. Deep questions were covered as well as relational issues such as who gets angry with whom when prioritizing risks.

At the end of the evening, we sent the guests off with three kisses on the cheek (left, right, left) and a discount voucher for our academies. Events of this type speak to us about the power and importance of discussions in professional circles.
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