Andrej Ristovski part of the Thrasker team

What inspired you to start web design and front-end development?

From an early age I was surrounded by computers and technology, from there slowly but surely my desire to build my career in the IT sector grew. At first, I couldn’t decide if I was more attracted to programming or design, but as I studied and researched more and more I discovered web design quite by accident, which turned out to be the perfect middle ground between the two fields.

Did you have any prior knowledge in web design?

Before I decided to enroll in the web design and front-end academy, my curiosity prompted me to learn and explore new aspects related to web design every day, which served as a great foundation for me in the very beginnings of the academy. I had a beginner’s knowledge, but excellent mentors managed to bring out the best in me and allowed me to reach my full potential in the field of web design.

Where did you get a job?

I got a job in Thrasker. They decided to give me a chance and offered me a paid internship.

As a current student, how did the academy help you get a job in such a short time?

The most important factor that enabled me to find a job in such a short time is the well-designed program that, if you are dedicated and follow it carefully, will teach you and introduce you to all the tools and skills that a successful web designer and front-end developer needs. But I also cannot leave out the excellent mentors who selflessly shared all their knowledge with the students, and were always ready to help us, advise us, and point us to the right path towards success.

How would you motivate those who want to start with web design & front – -end?

When you enter the world of web design, you enter a world of endless possibilities for creativity and innovation. This academy is not only an educational institution but also a path that will allow you to unlock your creativity and point you to the path of success. Here you will acquire all necessary technical skills, critical thinking, teamwork, and innovative problem-solving abilities. The mentors will be your guide, supporting your ideas and inspiring you to unlock your full potential. Always believe in yourself and remember, luck follows the brave!


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