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The growth of Qinshift Academy

Qinshift Academy (former Seavus Educational and Development Center) is one of the pioneers of modern informal education, part of the global group Qinshift and represents specialized center for training and education of workforce in the field of programming, design, computer networks and cyber security, software testing , digital marketing and data science .

We exist to enable the best for you through educational programs that ‎follow the global trends, corresponding of the increased necessity of professionals in the IT and design industry.

The essence of our work is quality over quantity, and our team, alongside our mentors, exists to provide knowledge,support, and motivation throughout the educational process and further career development of each of our students.

What makes us unique?

What makes us unique?

Alumni community with
over 20.000 students

Experienced and dedicated
team of mentors

Internationally certified
academies and trainings

Educational programs that
are updated every year

Support for student career

Education that enables
employment opportunities

Who are we

Who are we

The change is a challenge, but also a step closer to the desired future that we create ourselves

The change is a challenge, but also a step closer
to the desired future
that we create ourselves


We create programs for qualification and‎‎ ‎retraining of young and adult individuals that‎‎ ‎want to start a career in ‎the ‎most popular professions i‎‎n the ‎IT industry; development and further education of teams and individuals within companies‎; and ‎fostering innovation development and entrepreneurship through investment support for startups.

qinshift academy mission


Redefining modern education by creating a new functional educational system, prepared to identify, develop, and integrate talent, innovation, and creative potential with the demands of the global market and growing economy.

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You can freely contact us for more detailed information about the academies,
the trainings, general information, details about the classes and payment methods.

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